Introduction to Board

After abolition of duty with effect from 1-4-1947, Government of India imposed Cess on Salt to meet the expenses for the maintenance of Salt Department which was subsequently regularised by enacting Salt Cess Act 1953. The Act provides for the levy and collection of a Cess on Salt for the purpose of raising funds to meet expenses incurred on the Salt Organisation maintained by the Government and on the measures taken by the Government in connection with the manufacture , supply and distribution of Salt. The Section 4 of the Act provides for utilising it ( After meeting expenses incurred on maintenance of Salt Department) for development of salt industry and Labour Welfare Works.

Accordingly Central Advisory Board and Regional Advisory Boards for salt were set up to advise the Government on the administration of the salt cess proceeds and to make recommendation generally for measures conducive to salt industry in the year 1955. These Boards are re-constitute from time to time. Boards normally considered proposals in accordance with Code of Principle approved by the Government for the grant of financial assistance for the execution of works relating to the Development of Salt Industry & Welfare of Labour engaged in it.

The Details Of Amount Incurred Out Of Salt Cess Proceeds For On Development And Labour Welfare Works For Last 8 Years.

S.No. Year Development Works Labour Welare Works Total
1. 1999-2000 120.67 15.14 135.81
2. 2000-2001 187.17 23.99 211.16
3. 2001-2002 45.75 24.75 70.50
4. 2002-2003 2002-2003 25.26 104.18
5. 2003-2004 33.91 27.68 61.59
6. 2004-2005 54.39 49.05 103.44
7. 2005-2006 57.77 38.69 96.46
8. 2006-2007 71.67 36.51 108.18
Total 650.25 241.07 891.32